What We Do

CMDFC works to prevent substance use among youth through a comprehensive strategy that involves youth, parents/caregivers, faith-based leaders, community leaders, healthcare providers and substance use prevention advocates educating the community on substance use, implementing strategies to reduce access, and advocating for better policies that will prevent use and reduce use among our community in Mecklenburg County.

Our Focus Areas: Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Marijuana, and Heroin




Join the #2Close4Comfort movement! Bring an end to irresponsible alcohol advertising and placement in Mecklenburg County.

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Alcohol & Underage Drinking

  • Talk It Up, Lock It Up- Talking to your children about alcohol
  • #2Close4Comfort
  • Underage Drinking Party Tipline- screenshot and send underage party IG to shut down parties before they start.

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Marijuana Policy Efforts

  • Learn About potential legalization legislation in North Carolina

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Prescription Drugs

  • Parent Education